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Naruto Saigen: Wiki Edition is a Wikia that is for the Roleplaying Forum, Naruto Saigen RP, which is located at this address:

Naruto Saigen is an RP in an alternate universe than the Naruto canon and contains none of the canon characters. This is a wiki not only for a backup for data, but also for a quick reference for those to read up on characters on an alternate format.

Note: Saigen members may edit this wikia. However, please refrain from editing main pages and characters that do not belong to you!

The WorldEdit


In the Naruto Saigen AU, there are five major countries and twelve minor countries.

Fire CountryEdit

See also: Fire Country

The third largest of the Major Countries, Fire Country (日の国、Hi no Kuni) is well known for its dense forests filled with towering trees. It is home to the ninja village, Konohagakure no Sato.

Water CountryEdit

See also: Water Country

The smallest of the Major Countries, Water Country (水の国、Mizu no Kuni) is the only one of the Five Major Countries not located on the continent. It is composed of hundreds of small islands, the largest holding the hidden village Kirigakure no Sato.

Wind CountryEdit

See also: Wind Country

Wind Country (風の国 - Kaze no Kuni) is the largest of the Major Countries. The entire country is made of a largely inhospitible desert, though there are some villages that dot the country where water is available. Within this country lies the ninja village Sunagakure no Sato (砂隠れの里).

Earth CountryEdit

See also: Earth Country

The second largest Major Country, Earth Country (土の国 - Tsuchi no Kuni) lies to the far northwest of the continent. It is filled with mountain ranges, plateus, and is mostly barren wasteland. Earth Country contains the hidden ninja village of Iwagakure no Sato (岩隠れの里).

Lightning CountryEdit

See also: Lightning Country

A large penninsula on the northeastern edge of the continent, Lightning Country (雷の国 - Kaminari no Kuni), is the second smallest of the Five Major countries. The country is filled with very high mountains and is very often plagued with snow. This country houses the village Kumogakure no Sato (雲隠れの里).

Minor CountriesEdit

  • Bear Country
  • Bird Country
  • Frost Country
  • Grass Country
  • Hot Spring Country
  • Marsh Country
  • Pebble Country
  • Rain Country
  • River Country
  • Sea Country
  • Tea Country
  • Waterfall Country


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